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Senin, 14 Februari 2011

Outbound First Day

After 2 months i don't posts.. Finally i want post again. And I want to tell you about EXLINE(EXperts and onLINE) outbound. This is first time i'm outbound with my friends at 252 JHS. When I go to school, i almost late. Before we go, We are have opening ceremony. After that, We are go to bus and go to President Palace at Central Jakarta. At 07.30, we have arrived at President palace. But we have wait 4,5 hours. At 12.30, We go to IPB at Bogor. At 17.00, We have arrived at IPB. At IPB We are see how to make meatballs, nuggets, yoghurt and ice cream. At 17.30, we go to Pancawati, Sukabumi. I think the schedule isn't right. And I'm right. At 21.00, We have arrived at Pancawati. After that, We are ate. In the schedule after arrived at Pancawati, We must Presentation about what we got at IPB. In the Fact, The Presentation is cancelled. And after ate, we go to our Bungalow to take a rest. After rest, All of my roommates go outside. I join with them. And we are go to in front of Girl's bungalow. And we are play football over there. But After 5 minutes played, The Girls called us. So, We go to them and discussion about presentation. I, Nanda, Siwi And Yugi are free because the task of my group is handle by Icha, Luthfi, And Maysi. After that, I and My roommates back to our room. and then we must go sleep, But nobody's can sleep Until Nanco is sleeping. When Nanco's sleeping, Fadil yelling "BABON UDAH BOBO!!" And then, I and Fadil played the song on our handphone. At 00.30, I sleep.


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